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No VPN needed to access AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings (regular & student papers only)

No VPN needed to access JAMIA full-text articles at PubMed Central

VPN needed

Step 1: VPN to UNC campus by following the instructions on UNC ITS website;

Step 2: Go to (you might be prompted again for secure login using your Onyen & password);

Step 3: Enter the title of the article you are looking for in the input box and click the “Search” button;

Step 4: Select the article you would like to view;

Step 5: Click the “Full Text Online” button on the record page.

Still have trouble? Please view the second tutorial.

Note: The following journal titles will be cancelled by the UNC University Library due to the contact expiration with Elsevier. If you need the full-text articles from these two journals, please use the Interlibrary Loan Service.

  • International Journal of Medical Informatics
  • Journal of Biomedical Informatics